Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CNM Cinematic Update 6

Here are our updates for this week:

Characters (Cinematic Version):

For Arya, we are still trying to figure out the hair. If we run out of time for the cinematic version of her, the game resolution version is always available and being worked on for the rig currently.


Game resolution version is done, this can be used for animation, since he does not show up for long in the cinematic.

Demon Soldier:

In Progress, and almost done!

Environment and Lighting:

Updated Models and Textures:

Tank is now complete:


The Demon Soldier transition is currently being worked on, and here is the progress:

Animation: Animation is currently underway, the game resoultion version of Arya is being used as a placeholder for cinematic Arya, and the demon soldier and regular soldier are being worked on now.

Camera: We have a nicely blocked out camera layout for Sequencer in the Engine that we can show right now.

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