Thursday, February 25, 2016

Branding and Iconography

Logo Design

We chose to proceed with H because we felt that the symmetry with the wolf and the fox on the outside and the ferret on the inside was what we were looking for. Also, the coloring added more impact to the logo, and we wanted the text to all be on one line.


This is the flag of the oppressing military force in our game. We looked to flags of oppression in the past and incorporated the iconic "cog" symbolizing the industrial machine.

This is the flag for Serova, Arya's home country. The country values the arts, agriculture, and peace/neutrality. For inspiration, we looked to flags in the region, as well as symbols of agriculture.

This is an example of the harsh graffiti we will incorporate into the game. The military is not just an invading occupation - they vehemently hate the Serovans.

The Serovan resistance will leave propaganda messages to each other in the Banksy style.

All signage and other text will be written in the Albanian language. Once the item has been interacted with, English text will appear.

We will be using the font Arial Bold for our signage.

Figure Poses

Figure studies in posing and movements of our characters:

The Ferret

The Fox

The Wolf

In UE4

User Interface

Companion Selection

UI Mockup

Emotion Indicator

We want to indicate when a soldier is either aware or cautioned to the player's presence. We are currently playing around with colors, where yellow indicates caution, red indicates awareness, and grey indicates suspicion.

Art In Motion

We began the process of Art in Motion this week with a storyboard. With the sequence we intend to start by introducing the long-lasting conflict between the two nations of Serova and Hlavia. The tension is escalated by the slaying of two Hlavian soldiers who had crossed the border to visit a Serovan bar. The Serovan government refused to find and prosecute those responsible for the killings, and over the years the conflict escalated to the point of Hlavian invasion.

The sequence is narrated by the General character from our game, General Jovanovic, who also is the father of the two slain soldiers from the Serovan bar. The sequence ends with an image of darkness enclosing on Arya, and the General declaring that no Serovan is innocent or safe.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Animation, Lighting, and VFX Studies


Animation Research

"Myosis" - Mostly of the contrast of smooth and stiff and then a shot of the stiff character march. Seems like a good contrast between Arya and our soldiers since she's a child and they're all hardened by war and stripped of identity. Still playing with the idea of her motions being stiff if we made a 'cinematic' of her end choice and it's the bad end.

Ferret Reference

The times when the squirrels dart around is a good start for the ferret. Their movements are extremely quick and we could easily imagine that type of mobility with the ferret. Here is a clip from "Sword in the Stone."

Fox Reference

The running and jumping of the foxes in "Fox and the Hound" has more weight than the squirrel while still maintaining a swift quality. The stretch and squash comes across as far more fluid and graceful than the ferret. The end clip has them both jumping on a rock before the log and that motion in itself made us think of how the fox could set off traps. It doesn't linger, it darts after setting it because the soldiers are coming.

Soldier Reference

We would like to make the soldiers attacks/wolf attacks very snappy like the Halo kill animations. We feel like it'd give more impact compared to Arya's usual smooth actions and further emphasize that the violence does have an effect on her. Or at least have the contrast show she's a kid in a very unforgiving adult world.

Wolf Reference

This clip from "Balto" doesn't have animation per say, but that powerful imposing nature is definitely what we want in the wolf. Slower than the other animals but only to emphasize more 'weight'.

Arya Poses

Arya interacts with a soldier

Soldier Poses

Lighting Studies

Using store assets and proxy geo, we began exploring lighting schemes in UE4 trying to match the aesthetic of our art influence.

The challenge with our daytime study was to maintain the cooler colors in our Simon Kopp influence and at the same time show a risen sun with pools of light.


Concept Refinement






Character Line-up

Exterior Mock-up