Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CNM Cinematic Update 4

We've made a little bit of progress since our last update. We are more into the production side of things from now on. Here is the status of our cinematic for Wednesday, May 18th.

Here is our progress on the characters:


She is almost done! Her hair and her shoes need to be worked on the most, and her hand needs to be polished. After that, it will be time to retopologize her!


Made different gasmasks for his design, and a functional bag for the 3rd design

Demon Soldier:

Here are 3 variations of the demon soldier.

Environment, Vehicles, and VFX:

Foggy first pass at the environment

The tank model is currently in development as well:
It is based off of a BMP-1 tank.



We have had to change the schedule around a little bit since the last time. Our estimates were more ambitious than expected so we had to shift dates around a little bit. Here is our new schedule:

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